BC designs Francis Gallery LA to celebrate Korean art and culture|

BC designs Francis Gallery LA to celebrate Korean art and culture|

Gallerist Rosa Park has opened a Los Angeles location to showcase the work of Korean artists and designers, with interiors by a local BC studio designed to reflect the country’s visual culture.

Francis Gallery LA is Park’s second location and an extension of her original gallery in Bath, UK – both featuring the work of up-and-coming Korean artists.

Dark walls at Francis Gallery LA
Places of worship informed the interior of the gallery on Melrose Avenue

Located on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, the new location was created with Lindsey Chan and Jerome Byron, founders of LA-based BC.

The duo preserved the building while transforming the interior with architectural references and traditional Korean art.

Pictures hung on the walls
The inaugural exhibition showcases the work of six artists, including photography by Koo Bohnchang

These include a curved partition wall inspired by a moon bowl and a modern interpretation of a hanok courtyard.

“This space is designed to pay homage to Korean art and design in subtle ways – whether it was in the background of the partition wall, the color scheme of the interior paints, or the position of the low bench in the courtyard,” said Park. .

Look in the corner with the window
BC has designed the gallery to be simple yet warm

Places of worship such as chapels and monasteries were also mentioned in the plan. These were highlighted by the use of “humble materials” and modern models.

Although it was small, the aim was to ensure that the gallery still felt warm and inviting, as well as to provide a suitable setting for the exhibition pieces.

Resin seats
Rahee Yoon’s translucent acrylic blocks are among the works in the show

“I think this emotional connection to the place, to the work, is important to what I do with Francis,” Park said.

“It was very important to me that this site serve as a proper framework for works that I hope will inspire people.”

The inaugural exhibition at Francis Gallery LA is called Morning Calm, scheduled to run through January 7, 2023, and features the work of six artists of Korean descent.

Bo Kim, John Zabawa, Koo Bohn Chang, Nancy Kwon, Rahee Yoon and Song Jaeho are all at different stages in their careers.

Stones VI by John Zabawa
An abstract portrait of John Zabawa hangs on a dark wall

Their paintings, photography, sculptures and ceramics all explore Korean identity in an international context and shed light on the artists’ cultural heritage.

“Since Los Angeles is home to the largest Korean community in the United States and Park originated from Seoul and LA, the first program seeks to explore the various relationships between these two places,” said a statement from the agency. gallery of images.

A field with a low bench
The Korean architecture images in the gallery include a modern interpretation of the traditional hanok square.

LA’s art scene has grown tremendously over the past decade, and the city is now home to many new galleries and exhibition spaces.

Famous names that have opened their spaces there include Hauser & Wirth and The Future Perfect, while others like Marta use modern buildings like Neutra’s VDL II House to show.

Photography by Rich Stapleton.

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