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CALL GODREJ GROUP CHAIRMAN Adi Godrej on his line or mobile, and maybe the man himself will thank you. He never leaves work until he has answered any message, even if it is not necessary. The highest Godrej, with a personal and family worth of $ 17.60, may be among the richest Indians, but his members are more affected by his humility than his wealth. The rich are associated with private jets, yachts and billion-dollar homes, but none of them match Godrej’s expensive properties. The most valuable asset of his family, apart from the ₹ 40,000 crore business, is 3,400 acres of land, of which 1,750 acres are filled with mangroves and rare trees. Its price is estimated at 2 lakh crore. At a time when the world is talking about reducing its carbon footprint, a billion people have mangroves in the heart of the Most Popular Cities.

Family lunch with extended family every Thursday is sacred. Brothers (Adi Godrej and Nadir Godrej) and cousins ​​Jamshyd Godrej and Smita Crishna have canceled an important business meeting for the party. Godrej’s other unusual activity is flying in the Arabian Sea with his grandchildren every Sunday. He travels on a commercial flight and doesn’t hesitate to fly economy class. Vivek Gambhir, CEO, BoAT Lifestyle (former MD, Godrej Consumer Products) says, “My best impression of Mr. Godrej and his brother Nadir is that they were having lunch at a restaurant in to industrial workers every day.”

Company leaders have many stories about Godrej’s simplicity of the elderly and humble people. Godrej hates checking his luggage at the airport even when he is on a long business trip across continents. “He told us to pack carefully so that we don’t waste time at the importer’s shop. He hates his couriers,” says Gambhir. While traveling in Santiago, he requested a skateboard in his hotel room. “The staff had found out who it was and told him they would clean his clothes but Mr Godrej insisted on a scrubbing board.” In terms of status, Godrej has been very approachable. “One can walk into his office without an appointment,” Gambhir said.

As an entrepreneur and leader, Godrej is known to be excited about new trends, be it technology, manufacturing or fashion. “His data command, his child-like curiosity, along with the ability to import and export is unique,” said the former executive. “He has always believed that Godrej Group is associated with the future of India. It will make the range, value, high quality products, and innovation will be the show. 1.5 lakh crore by 2021; it has not yet reached the target body), and Godrej Green, as part of which he talks about the group’s role in protecting the environment before this popular support,” said the executive.

The octogenarian is also known for his no-nonsense leadership and empowering professionals. “He said that every company should be self-run. This led to the creation of GCPL, Godrej Industries, Godrej Agrovet, Godrej Properties,” says a company official.

The Godrej team, however, is at the end of the division. The bone of contention is ownership of land parcels. It is believed that supreme Godrej is trying hard to avoid the division but now he himself wants a proper division. Adi Godrej’s side includes his three children – Tanya, Nisaba and Pirojsha – apart from brother Nadir Godrej. The Jamshyd Godrej team includes Smita and Vijay Crishna, and their daughter Nyrika Holkar.

Between the two businesses, Godrej and Boyce (with Jamshyd Godrej at the helm) and Godrej Industries and Associated Companies (with Adi Godrej at the helm), the latter has become an actor. Godrej Consumer Products itself has a net worth of over 97,000 crore. According to Unni Krishnan, founder, Longwealth, Godrej’s highest value is always realizing the value of rare capital like the culture and heritage of a 124-year-old group that others don’t. “Adi always said that their focus should be on their rare banks rather than real estate. No wonder companies where he was in the driver’s seat did so well,” Krishnan said in N’ first interview with him. Fortune India.

The supreme Godrej is slowly handing over his empire to his brother Nadir and his sons after making Godrej a trusted household name.

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