Christmas Cookie Recipe: Chocolatey Church Windows #4

When it involves the vacation season, there are simply positive matters we can`t stay with out. Or at the least, there are positive matters we assume we can`t stay with out. One of these objects for me is a own circle of relatives Christmas cookie recipe that has been surpassed down for at the least 3 generations. It`s referred to as Church Windows.

Now, this nifty little cookie receives its call as it resembles a stained glass “church” window. The chocolate will shape the body and the marshmallows are the colored “glass” inner. Take my phrase for it, due to the fact in case you see a plate of those cookies move with the aid of using, take hold of one. I`ve in no way visible everybody take a seat down and look at the design, simplest eat the cookie.

Even aleven though this cookie doesn`t have any ornament on it that resembles Christmas, like a tree or Santa Claus, it’s far simplest made close to the vacations. Why? I`ll in no way recognize, nor will I ever make it for the duration of a “non-excursion” time of 12 months! Family subculture says so!

So, what makes this little cookie so super, you ask. First, it is easy to make. The children can play a huge function in making them, but they want supervision because it includes use of the range. Second, they’re very colourful and liven up any excursion dessert table. Last, they’ve chocolate in them! What else desires to be stated? Without similarly ado, right here is the recipe for Church Windows.

Church Windows

1 package deal semi-candy chocolate chips (milk chocolate won`t paintings, I`ve tried)
1 stick margarine (NOT butter)
½ c walnuts, non-obligatory

1 10 ouncesbag of coloured marshmallows
2 c coconut
Wax paper

In a huge saucepan, soften the margarine and the chocolate chips over medium warmness. Stir frequently and watch carefully so the chocolate does now no longer scorch. When the combination is absolutely smooth, set apart to chill barely, for approximately 5 to 10 mins.

While you’re waiting, put together the wax paper. Tear off sheets which might be each about 18” in length. Lay on a flat floor. Cover every sheet frivolously with 1 cup of the coconut.

When the chocolate combination is barely cooled, stir withinside the walnuts and the marshmallows simply till covered. Stirring too lengthy will make the marshmallows soften (and that`s awful!)

Pour 1/2 of of the combination at the organized wax paper lengthwise, so one can shape a log. Pour the second one 1/2 of on the second one sheet of wax paper. Using the more coconut at the wax paper, cowl the pinnacle of the chocolate combination. The coconut will save you the wax paper from sticking withinside the future. Take one aspect and roll over the blend, and maintain rolling to shape a log. Shape it so it makes a pleasant circle. Twist the rims so they’re stable and to maintain coconut from escaping! Immediately vicinity withinside the refrigerator or freezer till they harden, at the least 6 hours. When hardened, slice off ½ to at least one” thick slices.

Church Windows may be saved withinside the fridge or the freezer one month. Keep in an air-tight field or bag to maintain it from drying out.

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