Digital news: raising awareness|

Digital news: raising awareness|

BCS has been involved in computer science since the 1960s – reporting on impressive developments in the first ITNOW in The Computer Bulletin and informing members of the activities of the Computer Arts Society.

Initially, BCS sponsored the Lumen AI Award – but AI is a technique that most computer scientists now use – making it a very broad category. So, what we now call the BCS Immersive Environment Award offers a $1,000 prize for an immersive experience using any digital medium including but not limited to performance, XR, virtual world, project, theater projects.

As with the previous AI Prize, the submitted works have a strong social side – presenting issues that BCS is already trying to solve, but from a creative perspective. The four activities listed show spatial motion.


This work by Mengtai Zhang and Lemon Guo explores the potential of VR as a tool for conveying previously used ideas. Diagnosia aims to connect audiences with social media through immersive and immersive first-hand experiences.

The piece depicts Mengtai’s memories of being detained in a military-run Internet addiction camp in Beijing in 2007, where Internet addiction and other youth issues were considered a serious social problem. mind.

The aim is to ask questions about the extensive research that has come out of this center, and how it undermines the scientific literature on ‘internet addiction’ around the world. By tracing the genealogy of Internet addiction to Chinese culture, the work discusses how society can create a problem and use it as a tool of social control.

Review by Mengtai Zhang and Lemon Guo

Crystal Seeding

Crystal Seeding by Ting–Tong Chang is a joint project with Huwei sugar factory Taisugar. With sugar as an inspiring point of departure, the project includes Taiwanese theater, experimental music, 3D printing, and robotics, whose complexity has shaped the history of a small Taiwanese town.

The multi-channel action tells a story adapted from a Japanese-inspired animation script Kurama Tengu created with the Sheng Ping Puppet team. Combining fact and fiction, this project depicts the history of Huwei City. In addition, composer HUI Tak-Cheung’s recorded performance at the sugar factory, included in the video, turns the factory into a unique musical instrument.

Crystal Seeding by Ting-Tong Chang

The Border Project

Julio Obscura’s Fronterizo is a VR experience co-created with the border community and inspired by the artist’s childhood experience living on the US Mexican border.

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