Education, arts and practical USask strengths in academic settings – News|

Education, arts and practical USask strengths in academic settings – News|

Along with education, USask advanced three other subjects among the 11 broad areas examined by THE for its 2023 rankings, and arts and humanities move into the 301-400 category (formerly as 401-500), physical sciences to 301-400 (previously 401-500) and law, previously not selected, moved to the category 201-250.

Compared to 2022, USask remained the same in six other fields of study: computer science, engineering, life science, social science (all in the 301-400 category), psychology (401 -500) and business and economics (501-600). The only drop was clinical and health, down one share to 501-600.

“These rankings show that our university is making global gains every year as we strive to become the university the world needs,” said USask Vice President Baljit Singh. “They reflect the outstanding work of our researchers and academics, and their commitment to excellence and contributing to the development of the world.”

The study rankings are part of the World University Rankings compiled annually by THE, a British weekly magazine that reports specifically on news and issues related to higher education.

Universities ranked 1,799 in total in their 2023 ranking, and more than 500 others listed as “journalism institutions” are not considered because they do not meet the criteria. To be considered for academic status, the institution must meet a certain limit for the number of papers published in the discipline, as well as the division of the sciences that work in education. This is the first year that USask has ranked all 11 subjects HO includes in its assessment.

An earlier analysis of the results points to high citation scores for the study as a reason for USask’s strong performance in this category.. Nationally, the institution rose to No. 10 in 2023 from No. 14 last year, and among U15 universities, USask tied for ninth, up from No. 11.

The USask’s best performance growth was in arts and humanities, which moved up five positions to tie for No. 15 out of 31 institutions in Canada. USask is tied for 10th place in this study among its U15 peers, up from No. 14 in 2022. Physics rose five places from 2022 to ninth among Canadian universities in the 2023 rankings.

USask computer science, although unchanged from last year, remained the university’s best scorer in any subject among U15 institutions, tied for No. . Social science remained tied for ninth among U15, and engineering tied for No. 10, like last year.

Psychology was unchanged from last year in 14th place among U15 schools. Business and economics, too, remained unchanged below the U15s, and life sciences dropped a spot in the U15, tied for No. 11, from a tie at No. 10 last year.

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