Find Keepsakes and Gifts at Winterfest|

Find Keepsakes and Gifts at Winterfest|

Enjoy art from North Carolina artists or find a piece for yourself or a loved one at Winterfest, the annual art and sales event from Arts & Health at Duke.

The event, which will feature art for sale on four windows in the Duke University Hospital concourse, begins November 10 and runs through December 21. During Winterfest, the art will be available for bought every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (November). 18, December 2 and December 16), and on Wednesday, Dec. 16.

There will be live music at some of the sales events during Winterfest.

About 20 North Carolina artists will display their work. Their creations include ceramics, wooden home furnishings, jewelry, holiday decorations, decorative note cards, textiles and paintings. Among the artists is Duke Occupational & Environmental Safety’s Marissa Pentico, who creates art with fabric.

“Even though our employees are busy, this is an opportunity for them to find things they will love,” said Bill Gregory, arts program coordinator for Arts & Health at Duke. “They know it’s high-quality stuff, it’s local and a portion of the proceeds go back into the patient programs.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sale goes back to Arts & Health at Duke, which provides support to patients through music, art and writing.

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