Godrej Interio launched a digital campaign ahead of the event| Roadsleeper.com

Godrej Interio launched a digital campaign ahead of the event| Roadsleeper.com

Godrej & Boyce, a company of the Godrej Group, announced that its business Godrej Interio, a furniture solutions company has launched a digital video campaign as part of its new kitchen campaign. The commercial, created by Contract Advertising, details how its modular kitchen is designed for the ‘Great Indian Family’. The film will be broadcast on YouTube, as well as several OTT platforms before the festival.

The company, in a statement said, the kitchen plays an important role in our homes, where food goes beyond being just food and becomes a vehicle of connection. “We Indians are passionate about our food and how it is cooked. And this really puts something special in the Indian kitchen. We are well equipped to meet these needs through our deep understanding of the Indian consumer and relentless focus on quality, innovation, and innovation. The film takes us through a day in the life of a typical Indian family and showcases the many roles the kitchen plays in simplifying the dining experience,” the company said.

This movie highlights the kitchen as it takes you through the journey of cooking from adding spices to the kitchen sink to adding oil while cooking typical Indian dishes. These adverse conditions are best handled by galvanized steel cabinets and water resistant waterproofing. The film also shows exciting innovations such as “sink function and auto hot-soak” feature that helps before washing the dishes thus making their cleaning easier and “neo-smart chimney with cool draft” and as well as efficient smoking. generates a cool air flow thus providing a pleasant cooking experience even when cooking or frying. The campaign ends with showing examples of the best security tools.

Its modular kitchen will be a focus for them as it has around 200 channel partners and the company is looking to increase their revenue from this business by 25-30% .

Ayan Chakraborty, EVP and general manager, Mumbai Advertising said “Indian cuisine is diverse. So when it comes to cooking, needs are also different across India. Our strategy is based on this understanding. a and its many design options are offered to various Indian families across India.”

The 45-minute ad opens with a beautiful flash of a modern Indian kitchen and continues to showcase the daily work of a kitchen in the life of a typical Indian family.

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