Governor Hochul Announces Over $31 Million in Over 1,000 Organizations to Expand and Strengthen the Arts Across New York State.|

Governor Hochul Announces Over  Million in Over 1,000 Organizations to Expand and Strengthen the Arts Across New York State.|

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced nearly $32 million has been awarded to 1,032 organizations including state charitable partners, arts partnerships and arts organizations across the State. These New York State Council on the Arts grants will increase access to critical arts funding in local communities and will provide critical support to organizations in recovery.

“Arts and culture are an important part of New York’s identity, and while the past two years have been difficult, we are taking action to ensure a strong comeback,” Governor Hochul said. “This $32 million is the latest significant investment in the State’s unprecedented efforts to strengthen the arts and welcome the world back to New York’s creativity.”

A full list of recipients is available here.

The Regrowth and Capacity Grants for FY23 will provide $13,310,000 to 989 institutions. These will support the re-employment of arts organizations, fund community programs, and support audience development and the purchase of necessary equipment. of safety.

The Statewide Community Regrants, totaling $11,938,716, encourage local decision-making by funding 24 local arts organizations. These organizations also support their art groups and local artists through community art, art education and support of individual artists. Collaborative Grants empower 19 organizations with expertise in specific disciplines and disciplines, providing $6,609,892 directly to support a broad range of arts programs and services. Together, the Nationwide Community Grants and Partnership Grants leverage the local expertise of cultural partners to expand the reach of small arts organizations and artists while expanding access to funding to ensure that NYSCA supports the continued growth of the creative sector in all 62 states.

In September, Governor Hochul announced a record $150 million in capital funding available through NYSCA’s Capital Projects Fund. This unprecedented investment includes $100 million in new multi-year funding to fund major projects that prioritize community development and placemaking. NYSCA’s historic funding in the FY23 Enacted Budget includes an additional $90 million for organizations, artists, special opportunities, partnerships, statewide community grants and growth and capacity. Additional NYSCA grants will be announced at the end of the calendar year.

New York State Council on the Arts Executive Director Mara Manus said, “Throughout this pandemic, arts organizations have had to cut staff and cancel shows, resulting in a loss of audience and community support. Still facing many challenges, these organizations will benefit from the recovery support provided by the Regrowth and Capacity grants to continue their innovation. and development in the coming year. Together with our Partnership with Public Funds Wide, this responsive funding position is “This is unprecedented, and we are very grateful for the support of the Governor and the Legislature.”

New York State Council on the Arts Chair Katherine Nicholls said, “NYSCA applauds Governor Hochul and our state Legislature for making these important grants available. Through multiple partnerships, these funds will benefit artists, organizations, festivals and programs across the state. us. The arts are important to building our community. I am very proud of the work of NYSCA’s expert panelists, staff and Council who have ensured that this money will be awarded to deserving local organizations.”

State Senator Jose Serrano said, “It’s more important than ever to directly support the arts as they continue to recover from the challenges of the pandemic. NYSCA is working with organizations across the country to support artists everywhere. York .”

Assembly member Daniel O’Donnell said, “A key economic driver, arts funding is vital to New York’s economy, our health, our energy, and our standing as a cultural leader. New York is leading the way in ensuring that our arts are continue to improve and inspire. I applaud this history. support.”

About the New York State Council on the Arts

The Arts Council preserves and promotes the arts and culture that make New York State such a unique place to live, work and visit. The council supports the right of all New Yorkers to experience the important contributions that the arts make to our community, education, economic development and quality of life. To support the continued development of the arts throughout New York State, the Arts Council will provide record funding in FY 2023, providing support across the spectrum of the arts, including support dedicated to arts education and underserved communities.

The Arts Council continues to advance New York’s creative culture by convening leaders in the fields and providing organizational and professional development opportunities and information resources. Established by Governor Nelson Rockefeller in 1960 and continued with the support of Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature, the Council is an agency that is part of the Executive Branch. For more information about NYSCA, please visit, and follow NYSCA’s Facebook page, Twitter. @NYSCArts and Instagram @NYSCcouncilontheArts.

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