News and KERA launch Arts Access journalism partnership|

News and KERA launch Arts Access journalism partnership|

Dallas Morning News and KERA announced Monday the official launch of their new joint venture Arts Access, a “first-of-its-kind media partnership” designed to grow “the role of arts, music and culture in North Texas, through the lens of equality and access.”

In making the announcement, both companies pledged to create and share artistic narratives “across multiple platforms, including print, digital, radio, podcasts and video. ” They say the content will be free and available to anyone who wants it. It is funded by charity funds.

“Reporting from the partnership will have a strong focus,” reads the joint release, “on communities and different arts organizations and inviting new and diverse audiences to participate in art and culture events. Moreover , these two organizations will produce and host several community events throughout the year.”

Artist Sam Lao in his latest exhibition "Sam Lao: 33 Lines in Liminal Margins" to Pencil in...
Artist Sam Lao at his latest exhibition “Sam Lao: 33 Lines in Liminal Margins” at Pencil on Paper Gallery in Dallas. (Nan Coulter)

Anne Bothwell, KERA’s vice president of the arts, noted that “North Texas is special for many reasons, but chief among them is our arts and culture community. Preserving and enhancing what makes the area special Ours is unique, it is important that we amplify the stories of our local artists and art institutions. KERA and News they share this commitment, and we could not be more honored to enter into this partnership with them.”

Katrice Hardy, editor-in-chief of NewsHe also praised the partnership, saying:

“We are fortunate to live in a society that appreciates and appreciates the arts, which is an important part of any successful region. Therefore, we see this collaboration as another way to expose all communities to the rich and diverse talents different from the specialties we have throughout North Texas.

“Arts Access with the support of many generous donors aims to connect us all more. It aims to expose us all to the cultures of others. I look forward to launching this effort in partnership with KERA which for years has and part of its mission that emphasized the importance of providing artistic content through its journalism.

Arts Access is the latest in what nonprofit KERA executives call their “commitment to collaborative partnerships.” In addition to being a founding member and flagship station of The Texas Newsroom, a national reporting agency, KERA recently began a partnership with the nonprofit digital publication Fort Worth Report, in order to expand its report in Tarrant County.

Nico Leone, president and CEO of KERA, said the station is “proud to embrace this partnership as the future of local journalism.. We realize that when we work with our media peers, not against us, we can share local knowledge, tools and platforms. And that means deeper and more accessible reporting for the people of North Texas. ”

Grant Moise, publisher and president of News, which calls the collaboration, “a reflection of the kind of creativity happening throughout the North Texas art community. We chose to partner with KERA,” he said, “because our organizations have a passion and genuine interest in our arts community that is beginning to recover from this pandemic. We are grateful for the generosity of our launch partners. ”

Daniel Chong, violinist in the Parker Quartet, plays his instrument during a break in the ...
Daniel Chong, violinist in the Parker Quartet, plays his instrument during a break in the quartet’s 2016 performance at Soundings: New Music at the Nasher, a program welcoming new and experimental music at the Nasher Art Center. (Jeffrey McWhorter / Special Contributor)

To NewsArts Access follows the launch of the Education Lab paper, a similar project that began in fall 2020. In the words of News Bosses, Education Lab aims “not only to expand our coverage of the most pressing issues in education but also to deepen the conversations we have with students, parents and teachers.”

Both the Education Lab and Arts Access focus on public service journalism and are donor-supported.

The Arts Access team, the partners say, will include a coordinating editor and two journalists. Currently, the partners have hired one reporter and are producing multiple stories, many of which examine how the epidemic has affected cultural life in North Texas.

The cast members of 'Pachuquísmo', presented by Vanessa Sanchez and her group La Mezcla, ...
Cast members of ‘Pachuquísmo’, produced by Vanessa Sanchez and her band La Mezcla, were part of this month’s Latinidades festival held at the Cara Mia Theater in Dallas. (Courtesy of Cara Mia Theatre)

As part of Arts Access, KERA and News held a discussion on September 17 at the Dallas Museum of Art titled, “Arts Access: Making the Scene.”

The panel consisted of arts leaders, who explored “how their careers and organizations have enriched the North Texas community with accessible experiences.”

Ilknur Ozgur, Ofelia Faz-Garza and Jess Garland listen to a question posed by Arts Access...
Ilknur Ozgur, Ofelia Faz-Garza and Jess Garland listen to a question posed by Arts Access reporter Elizabeth Myong during an interview in September at the Dallas Museum of Art. The Dallas Morning News and KERA hosted “Making the Scene” as part of its new arts journalism partnership, Arts Access.(Christopher Wynn)

The next event takes place on Nov. 8 at the Meyerson Symphony Center. Entitled “The Burden of Cancellation: Power Structures and Pathways to Progress,” it runs from 1:45 pm to 3:15 pm and is part of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s annual Women in Classical Music Symposium .

Moderated by Elizabeth Myong, Arts Access reporter and producer with KERA News, panellists will include voice artist Katherine Goforth; Sarah Ioannides, conductor and music director of Symphony Tacoma and artistic director of Cascade Conducting; and Angélica Negrón, composer-in-residence with the Dallas Symphony.

Read more stories from Arts Access.

Arts Access is a partnership between Dallas Morning News and KERA which expands local arts, music and culture coverage through the lens of access and equity.

This community-funded journalism project is supported by the Better Together Fund, Carol & Don Glendenning, City of Dallas OAC, Communities Foundation of Texas, The Dallas Foundation, Eugene McDermott Foundation, James & Gayle Halperin Foundation, Jennifer & Peter Altabef and The Meadows. The foundation. News and KERA maintains full control of Arts Access journalism.

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