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President Murmu presents the start-up platform ‘herStart’ for women entrepreneurs, more information here|

President Murmu presents the start-up platform ‘herStart’ for women entrepreneurs, more information here|

President Murmu presents herStart installation platform for women entrepreneurs information here
President Droupadi Murmu has launched ‘herSTART’ which is an initiative of Gujarat University. An initiative by the Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council aims to support women-led startups. The platform has been launched with the aim that it will not only promote innovation and start-up efforts of women entrepreneurs but also help them connect with government as well as private companies.

Through this platform, free resources and free training modules will be provided to aspiring entrepreneurs. It will build a digital community and also a digital publication to spread its success stories. Her speech can be seen here.

The initiative was launched when the President was on a two-day visit to Gujarat. Speaking about Gujarat University’s initiative, President Murmu said that many people are getting jobs through 450 start-ups. Of these, 125 start-ups, especially inspired by women entrepreneurs, are giving a new direction to women’s entrepreneurship and innovative ideas. She also highlighted the fact that India has moved from 81st to 40th position in the Global Innovation Index, GII 2022.

Gujarat’s significant progress in the field of higher education

The President said that Gujarat has made remarkable progress in the field of education among other sectors. Dropout rates in the state have dropped from 22 percent to 1.37 percent over the past two decades. The teacher-student ratio has also improved from 40 to 26. Today, through ‘Vidya Samiksha Kendra’, real-time monitoring of students and teachers is being done in around 55,000 schools, resulting in an increase in the academic performance of students. She pointed out that under ‘Mission School of Excellence’ a goal has been set to upgrade the infrastructure of 20,000 schools in the state in the next five years.

While delivering a speech, the President said that earlier in the year 2022-02, the number of secondary schools in the state was 775. The number has increased to over 3,100 in the year 2020-21. India’s first education quality and monitoring cell, ‘Garima Cell’, has been established in this state to assess higher education. The minister highlighted the fact that implementation of ‘Van Bandhu-Kalyan Yojana’ has seen a significant increase in literacy in the tribal community. This arrangement has also improved school dropout rates among tribal students.

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