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Prior to BYU-Notre Dame commencement, BYU and Notre Dame startup companies will make appearances|

Prior to BYU-Notre Dame commencement, BYU and Notre Dame startup companies will make appearances|

Before BYU and Notre Dame square off Saturday at Allegiant Stadium, the two schools will line up next to each other Friday afternoon in a much friendlier contest.

With a tab on the Shamrock Series Innovation Rally, three startups from BYU and four startups from Notre Dame will gather at the Bellagio Hotel for an investor showcase sponsored by the technology transfer offices at both schools.

“With tens of thousands of BYU and Notre Dame fans coming to Vegas the weekend before the game, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to showcase the impressive technology coming out of our universities,” said Dave Brown, executive director of BYU’s Office of Technology Transfer. “All seven of these companies have great potential and are the perfect representation of the innovation happening at Notre Dame and BYU.”

Organized by Notre Dame’s IDEA Center, the event will give each startup a window to pitch their technology to investors, alumni, entrepreneurs and any interested members of the public. Here is a brief overview of the companies that are present.

BYU Commencement:

Scalable navigation technology: This software company produces a type of elastic paper that allows users to navigate tables of hierarchical data. The technology allows users to browse through family trees, organizational charts or other similar items, without turning pages. They are now focused on bringing solutions to family history applications.

ATCS: Advanced technology-enabled solutions create origami-inspired collapsible bulletproof police shields and barriers. Their technology, which has been featured on an episode of the popular PBS science documentary Nova, is developed specifically with the goal of saving lives.

XO-NANO Smartfoam: XO-NANO produces a special foam that sends electrical signals to measure impact and pressure. The technology can be used in everything from football helmets (to measure impact) to medical mattresses (to identify pressure points that could cause bedsores).

Notre Dame Startups:

DRONE RESPONSE: An open comprehensive software platform to operate, collect data and analyze the UAV market. Using advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence, Drone Response aims to orchestrate cyber-physical systems for the public and private sectors.

UNFAITHFUL PHOENIX: A software program for substance abuse recovery called Quality of Sobriety. The team at Intrepid Phoenix believes that improving the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health of people in recovery increases the likelihood of abstinence.

WEB3SENSE: This blockchains analytics company is the information provider and supporter in the Web3 ecosystem. Web3Sense provides clients with their own insights into the NFT ecosystem to optimize and shape their engagement with their communities.

K2 BIOTECHNOLOGY COMPANY: In partnership with the IDEA Center, K2 develops and commercializes Notre Dame’s life science discoveries. These collaborations include preclinical-stage assets in oncology, Alzheimer’s disease, and rare and infectious diseases.

The corporate presentations will be open to the public beginning at 3:00 pm Friday in Ballroom 6 at the Bellagio Hotel, 3600 Las Vegas Blvd.

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