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startup: ET’s stars and stirring 2022 startup line-up|

startup: ET’s stars and stirring 2022 startup line-up|

The startup environment has changed rapidly as both business opportunities and funding have changed with the broader economic transformations of recent years. The pandemic redrawn the landscape for the digital economy, and with it comes a funding drought at a time of high borrowing costs. The global economy is rapidly cooling, raising expectations from tech entrepreneurs for innovative solutions to some of today’s big challenges: access to capital, affordable healthcare, and quality education. The list of winners of this year’s ET Startup Awards brings to the table resilience and creativity called for in difficult times.

The jury has awarded grit in its selection in several categories. RazorPay, the startup of the year, has demonstrated its prowess as a fintech with the ability to go global. Falguni Nayar, CEO of the year, has shown determination to maintain control of Nykaa in a cash-strapped company. Accel partner Shekhar Kirani’s staunch belief in Software as a Service and influential exit at Freshworks also play into this theme. Cloud phone solution Exotel is this year’s comeback story after facing funding issues. Smart wearables brand Noise, Bootstrap Champ, has posted impressive numbers despite global supply chain disruption. Improving learning outcomes during a stressful time for schools, Smita Deorah’s Lead, edtech project won the Woman Ahead award. Eyestem’s efforts to lower the cost of cell therapy to reduce senile blindness, Banyan Nation’s approach to plastic recycling, and Solinas Integrity’s robotic cleaning solution deserve recognition for bringing technological solutions to intractable problems.

The award was hard fought for, demonstrating a path of innovation and enterprise that is constantly improving the productivity of the economy and contributing to social development. New age entrepreneurs are navigating an uncertain business environment. These lessons will filter through the startup world and strengthen it.

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