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Startup snapshot: Miloza | Twin Cities Business|

Startup snapshot: Miloza |  Twin Cities Business|

Headquarters: Minneapolis

Established: 2021

Founders: Nick Rawn and Grant Krieger

Fundraising: $400,000 in seed funding from individual private investors

Recipes abound on the internet, from food blogs to TikTok. But Nick Rawn and Grant Krieger were tired of trying to keep track of them between platforms. That’s where their new food-focused app comes in; Miloza offers recipes along with meal planning, grocery lists, and nutrition features all in one platform. The app launched in July and gathered around 1,000 users per month. It now features recipes by around 50 content creators who have built up an online following. All recipes found in the app can be added to a user’s personalized “meal plan” based on nutritional and calorie goals. When a plan is created, the app creates a shopping list. “We’re combining the sandbox and the toolbox,” says Rawn’s co-founder, describing Miloza as both a place to “discover, share, interact” with recipe content while offering “digital tools that can help make everyday life easier. The app is free for users; Miloza plans to generate revenue through partnerships with grocery and delivery services as well as health and wellness food manufacturers. Although it has yet to turn a profit, Miloza recently raised a Series A funding round to raise about $1 million.

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