Tata Nexon runs over parked bikes after delivery| Roadsleeper.com

Tata Nexon runs over parked bikes after delivery| Roadsleeper.com

Taking delivery of a new car is a special day for everyone, but it’s going to be a nightmare for this Nexon owner.

In this video, a brand new Tata Nexon crashes into parked bikes in a community right after delivery. The Nexon is a popular compact SUV in our market and has done well in terms of sales. Its full 5-star safety rating is a big factor why people are buying it left and right. However, the build quality of the SUV was put to the test minutes after it was taken out of the showroom in this case. Here are the details.

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Tata Nexon crashes after delivery

The video has been posted on YouTube by Prateek Singh. He continues to publish such content to make Indian car buyers aware of the importance of buying cars with high safety ratings. This incident has been reported from Mumbai. The CCTV footage shows a brand new Tata Nexon entering a colony. It has a wreath on the bonnet which means the delivery ceremony took place just a few minutes ago. However, this dream day turned into a nightmare when the driver accidentally pressed the gas pedal instead of braking in the parking lot.

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As can be seen from the video, there were quite a few bikes parked there. As a result, the SUV collided with all the bikes and even ran over a couple of them due to the force. The guy who opened the entrance gate of the SUV is seen running towards the car but it was too late. The video doesn’t capture what happened after that. Nevertheless, we can safely assume that the driver must have escaped unharmed because the speed was not too high.

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However, there must have been serious damage to some motorcycles that were run over by the SUV. By the looks of it, it appears the driver may have been an amateur. It is a typical mistake that many new drivers make where they panic and suddenly hit the gas pedal. We can only hope this Nexon didn’t have too much damage and the driver learns the lesson of not driving alone if you’re just a beginner for a second. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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Tata Nexon crashes into bikes after delivery
Tata Nexon crashes into bikes after delivery

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