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Wilmington startup Telios wins blockchain grant|

Wilmington startup Telios wins blockchain grant|

WILMINGTON – Telios, the Wilmington startup that offers a fully decentralized peer-to-peer email service that allows its users to send and receive encrypted messages and files, has been selected as a grantee project to build on top of Coreum, a third-generation company. class blockchain.

The startup is among half a dozen startups selected as grantees, all of which will be supported by the Sologenic Development Foundation, according to a statement.

Coreum is a blockchain that the organization says “provides the core infrastructure for the future of decentralized blockchain applications, from asset tokens and banking to Metaverse and the gaming industry.”

Its protocol already supports Bitcoin, Avalanche, R3 Corda, Tron and Fantom, the statement said.

Cryptocurrency is crashing this year, but the underlying technology still gives entrepreneurs viable options to drive innovation.

“In this bear market, when many cryptocurrencies and projects are falling in value, big players are getting back to the basics by placing investments in the underlying technology – in Layer-1 projects,” Bob Ras, co-founder of Sologenic, said in a statement. “As an enterprise-class blockchain, Coreum’s modular and interoperable design provides the basic infrastructure necessary for these grantee projects to flourish, especially in this market environment.

Telios will begin development on the platform in November.

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